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Aug 23, 2018
Introducing "Placemaking in the Digital Age"

Amplified, an experience design and technology innovation studio in Portland focused on imagining the communities of the future, is launching a new series called “Placemaking in the Digital Age” to galvanize a community around this emerging design discipline. In this series, we will discuss how we can build meaningful places where digital and physical experiences complement each other, examine design processes and methodologies, and examine the nature of design teams that create these experiences.

Join us on Thursday, August 23 as we kick off this series. Gregg Sloan, Founder and Chief Creative Officer and Janani Vasudev, Director of Experience Design at Amplified will introduce the series with a talk about what placemaking is, as well as discuss their work in the area. The 45-minute talk will be followed by a Q&A, with plenty of time in the beginning and at the end to network. Complimentary refreshments will be provided.

This event has a seating limit of 30 people. Please don’t forget to RSVP to save a spot!

Aug 28
Best Smart Home Tech 2019! What You NEED and Why!
Uncorked Studios

Are you interested in the best Smart Home Tech and how you can use it?

In this Meetup, I'll bring and share my favorite items in each category. Security Cameras and Locks 1. Nest Cameras - Indoor and Outdoor 4K cameras with IQ face detection and following. Nest has built-in Google assistant with two-way audio and location detection to turn on/off while you are home or away. Free Recording (Live and past 3 hours of snapshots) vs Nest Aware ($10-30 per month for 30 days recording). I chose the Nest camera system for integration with my Google smart displays.

  1. Nest Hello - Nest doorbell allows you to see who is at your door and works with the Nest ecosystem. Allows auto-replies or two audio.
  2. August Automatic Door lock - August runs on location services that allow it to auto-lock and unlock based on your location. You can even control it with an Apple Watch.

  3. myQ Garage Door - This hub will allow you to see if your garage is left open and close it from anywhere. It also sends you notifications if you’ve left it open for a custom set period of time. Voice assistant service $10 yr. Apple watch is also supported.

Smart Displays and Speakers 1. Nest Hub - The nest hub is a Google Assistant display. You can use it to control smart devices, get step by step receipt instructions, view your nest cameras, personalized routines, and display Google photos.

  1. Google Home - Works similar to the Nest hub without display.

  2. Chromecast - Google Assistant can play Youtube and Netflix on your TV

  3. Echo Show/Dot - Alexa is the most widely used for controlling smart home devices.

Switches, Outlets, Lights 1. Switches - I prefer to use smart switches over smart bulbs unless you’re going for a custom scene. Switches only require one device rather than up to four bulbs per fixture. They don’t require a hub and do not need to be replaced. This smart switch has Alexa built-in, a smart thermostat sensor, and night light.

  1. Outlets or Powerstrips - These allow you to use Voice assistant to turn on/off or set a schedule.

  2. Smart Lights - You may want to consider a nice holiday ambiance or gaming/studio with the Nanoleaf panels or LifX Beams and LEDs.

Thermostat and Appliances 1. Ecobee Smart Thermostat - This thermostat comes with Alexa assistant built-in and a smart sensor to auto-adjust to cold and hot spots in your home. It will learn the occupancy based on motion and habits and adjust over time. It’s evaluated to save 23% percent on cooling and heating costs per annum. It has an Alexa speaker built-in.

  1. Appliances - When it’s time to replace your home appliance you may want to consider wifi capabilities in your refrigerator, washer/dryer, etc.

Upgrade Wifi 1. Mesh Wifi or Extenders - Most homes require more than one router for coverage. Mesh Wifi force wifi clients to switch access points for better signal, cover dead spots, and offer better consistency and control.

We would love to hear how you have configured your home or plan to build the best Smart Home.