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Diagnosing and Improving Agile Capabilities

Agile Fluency Project
100 NE Farragut Street
Portland, Oregon 97211, USA (map)

Studio 04 (through door marked STUDIOS)



A 3-Day Course designed by Diana Larsen, James Shore, and Michael Tardiff to inspire dramatic leaps in your coaching practice.

Gain the Skills you need to diagnose and improve your organization’s agility, inspire change, and lead leaders. Become a licensed Agile Fluency Facilitator listed on our Agile Fluency Diagnostic page.

In this intensive and immersive three-day workshop, you’ll learn to use the Agile Fluency Suite (Agile Fluency Model, Lifecycle, and Diagnostic) to see your organization as a system, understand its dynamics, and influence change. You’ll practice coaching leaders, teams, and peers to systematically steward the transition to best-fit excellence in Agile. Industry pioneers, Diana Larsen and James Shore, developed and/or curated the course materials to support the work of independent advisors, internal coaches, and team leaders.

Designed to serve as a framework to systematically engage new clients and guide systematic change, the Agile Fluency Suite provides a framework to dramatically improve your clients’ organizations, and as a result, your career.