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Sales and Marketing Workshop - Sales Training for those who want to hone in their personal skills

Oregon Bioscience Incubator (OBI) / OTRADI
4640 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 270
Portland, Oregon 97239, United States (map)



There are many aspects to creating and developing a sales team. They range from: do you even want an in-house team? To: how will you train and monitor said team, in house or not? What characteristics will make a good salesperson? The answer to the last one might surprise you.

Once you have figured out who you want. Then you must know what you want them to say. The key to any sales process is just that, the sales process. How and who to prospect, how to qualify said prospects, the presentation, the close and of course the follow up. All are critical aspects to getting sales results.

Finally, what opportunities does your sales team present? What type of information and customer feedback can be gleaned? What benefits can be achieved by having a salesperson on board from the outset of product design?

Seating for this workshop is limited

About the Speaker:

Mr. Petett has been in sales and sales management for over 25 years. That experience coupled with an MBA in management and finance helped Mr. Petett launch Aptly Focused consulting 5 years ago. The role of Aptly Focused is to fill gaps for small and medium size businesses. Solve issues in sales, recruiting and training of employees and creating operating systems.

Andre' grew up in Portland. Attended Jesuit High School and the University of Oregon. His graduate degree is from Santa Clara University. He enjoys traveling with his wife and two sons. Modern Pentathlon (run, pistol shoot, fencing, swimming and horseback riding are the events) and snowboarding are activities he picked up later in life.