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AgilePDX Westside Cafe: Integrating Dev & QA

2885 SW Cedar Hills Blvd., Beaverton, or, 97005

Please note the new (one time only) location. Nike has a noisy event in the cafeteria this month. This is the "new" McMenamins... which is across the street from where they used to be.



You're a QA professional and you've been trying for months to get involved at the start of a story, but developers push you away. They see you as the traffic cop waiting to catch them in an error. You're a developer and the QA folks always find something simple right before the end of the sprint. Why didn't they tell you they were going to test that?

Join us at AgilePDX westside to discuss how to involve QA earlier in the process. How do you convince the team that QA is more than testing and ads value from the very start. How do you convince QA to step into a larger role? That they can abandon the formality they were trained in and jump right in.